Chill Fi Life, Vol. 2

I have had a few more flights since I got the idea to make a playlist inspired by lo-fi music — and Chillhop releases. In the previous volume of this burgeoning “Chill Fi Life” series, I was focused on making a great selection of instrumental music to enhance a smooth flight experience — or make a rough one less irritating 😉.

The positive feedback has been overwhelming and I’ve been itching to make another one. I was also surprised to learn that a lot of you found the playlist great for the workplace. And you were right! So, I picked songs with that in mind1. I also had the recent passing of the great MF DOOM and this second “Chill Fi Life” felt like the ideal opportunity to raise that proverbial finger in the sky. (Needless to say, I enjoin you to go through his catalog; it includes classics such as Madvillainy with Madlib.) With all that said, let’s take flight…

…And I invite you to kick back, put this on, and let all tensions flow away. Or, you could make yourself comfortable in your desk chair, set that hot cup of tea or coffee on your work table, crack those fingers and a knowing smile, and get ready to be productive. When that’s done, let me know how soon I should hook you up with another one of these 😉.

Choose your preferred service...

Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Madvillain ::: All Caps (Madvillainy Instrumentals)2
02. Flughand ::: Closenaff
03. IAMNOBODI ::: When Smoke Fills da Room
04. The Cancel ::: Go Slowly
05. Jazz Dialogue & Philanthrope ::: Backyard Vibe
06. Madvillain ::: Eye (Madvillainy Instrumentals)2
07. Handbook ::: Empty Apartment
08. Joey Pecoraro ::: Your Favority Place
09. Fujitsu ::: Spring Vale
10. Shy Cope ::: Drive Home
11. Madlib ::: All Love (The Movement)
12. Vanilla ::: Fuji
13. MF DOOM ::: Doomsday (Instrumental)
14. Sango ::: Maranhão (feat. Carlos do Complexo & Wax Roof)
15. Madvillain ::: Money Folder (Madvillainy Instrumentals)2
16. Vanilla ::: Summer
17. Handbook ::: Shells
18. L’indécis ::: Soulful
19. santpoort ::: Rolling Down This Lazy Wave
20. Philanthrope ::: Isolation
21. Jazz Dialogue & Philanthrope ::: Heimat
22. Sleepdealer ::: Astoria
23. L’indécis ::: Passage
24. Madlib ::: Two for Pay Jay (No Dough, No Show)
25. linanthem & two sleepy ::: alive, again
26. Nohidea ::: Sincerely, Yours
27. Delayde & Lilac ::: Kaleidoscope
28. Juan Rios ::: Noche
29. Delayde ::: Sekao
30. auv ::: Rockaway 5PM

Additional notes...

1 I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the song that drove the direction of the whole playlist is a NodaMixBeats joint called “Label Me” that’s only available on YouTube

2 At the moment, the Madvillainy instrumentals are not available on Spotify and Tidal.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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