Chill Fi Life, Vol. 4

I never got to wish you all a great new year, so allow me to do it with this fourth edition of the “Chill Fi Life” series. I hope that, like me, you’ve started 2022 at a blazing pace, and by now you are finding it hard to keep up with the momentum. This is why you need playlists like this. Let’s take flight…

…And as we try to close another week, let’s allow ourselves to wander and wonder away from reality and the dog-eat-dog laws of nature as the cover suggests 😅. Take a fleeting moment for much deserve respite before you get back to the humdrum and proceed to knockout that workload.

When that’s done, if you’re done, then, as usual, let me know how soon I should hook you up with another one of these 😉.

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Ambulo & Mello ::: Resilience
02. Sleepermane ::: Asil
03. Casiio ::: Waves
04. Chau Sara ::: Naevys
05. Purrple Cat ::: Through the Wormhole
06. Bcalm & Purrple Cat ::: Quiet Thoughts
07. Bcalm, Banks & Hendy ::: Soothe
08. Nogymx ::: Winds of Change
09. Sling Dilly & Sleepermane ::: Moonwell
10. Kainbeats, Hoogway & Casiio ::: Nautilus
11. Elijah Lee & Laffey ::: Mirrors of Our Sky
12. Elijah Lee & Dimension 32 ::: Pleine Lune
13. Amess ::: Isolated
14. Amess & Osaki ::: Time Zones
15. LESKY & Waywell ::: Lucid Nights
16. Purrple Cat ::: Sleepless
17. Bhxa & Hoogway ::: Drunk Waves
18. Bhxa & Mondo Loops ::: Harbor
19. BluntOne, Baen Mow & Phlocalyst ::: Blank Canvas
20. BluntOne & Baen Mow ::: Holnap
21. Osaki & Purrple Cat ::: Beyond the Boundary

Enjoy and come back soon...

Wraith Yoshi
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