Chill Fi Life, Vol. 3

Chill Fi Life, Vol. 3

Steady minds easily get through the daily grind, don’t they? Well, this playlist should help you maintain the proper disposition for the laborous weekdays. Whether you need to drown out the humdrum noise, to decompress, or to boost those neurons during an intense work session, “Chill Fi Life” — the third edition — will meet those needs. If you also want to give your wandering thoughts a good soundtrack, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take flight…  

…And I invite you to kick back, put this on, and let all tensions flow away. Or, you could make yourself comfortable in your desk chair, set that hot cup of tea or coffee on your work table, crack those fingers and a knowing smile, and get ready to be productive. When that’s done, if you’re done, then, as usual, let me know how soon I should hook you up with another one of these 😉.

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. FloFilz ::: Blue Orchard
02. GlobulDub ::: Foreign Exchange
03. SwuM ::: The Dream
04. Middle School ::: Plush Pocket (feat. Jim Alxndr)
05. Tesk ::: Doin It
06. Reg ::: Today is a Good Day
07. leaf beach ::: Aqua Skies (feat. Flavors)
08. C y g n ::: Lonely Waves
09. DJ FREEDEM ::: Land of the RetroOnes (instrumental version)1
10. Nujabes ::: Luv(sic), Pt.3 (Ta-ku Remix) [instrumental version]2
11. Tesk ::: Floating Vibes (feat. Philanthrope)
12. Moose Dawa ::: Menti
13. Ruck P ::: Le voyage du coeur
14. Ian Ewing & Strehlow ::: Poke Date
15. Ian Ewing ::: Young (feat. Flamingosis)
16. Daamss ::: Party People
17. aekasora ::: Delight3
18. Brad ::: Bout Yah (luh)
19. Gus Grelak ::: The Fall
20. Cloudchord ::: Dusk Patrol (feat. Lapa)
21. jhfly ::: Always Moving4

Additional notes...

1 To ensure uniformity of the “Chill Fi Life” playlist accross all the streaming platforms, I replaced DJ FREEDEM’s “Body and Attitude” with another of his gems: “Land of the RetroOnes”. You can still listen to “Body and Attitude” on YouTube. It’s worth the detour!

2 Similarly, the Ta-ku remix of Nujabes’ “Luv(sic), Pt.3” replaces Paulax’s “the sunshine during the rain”, which you can find on Paulax’s SoundCloud.

3 Elsewhere, aesakora’s lo-fi take of dearly beloved” (from Kingdom Hearts) has been swapped with “Delight”.

4 Lastly, I picked jhfly’s “Always Moving” for his “Where u”, which you can find on YouTube.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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