Teintée Africaine

Our flagship playlist series celebrates popular African music within the continent and the diaspora. Over time, we’ve come to marvel at the ingenious ways our artists blend traditional African music genres with modern popular styles. And we feel that it’s only right we highlight that to ourselves and you. You will notice that our Teintée Africaine playlists have evolved in scope and tenor as we’ve gone along to build them. To make sure you get the most out of them, we also highlights the works (albums, compilations, EPs…) that have mostly driven each edition. And that’s not all! We will keep improving the content (retroactively!) with additional insights into the artists, the producers and the musicians that have made the exceptional works we get to nitpick for these playlists. Lastly, in case you were wondering, each edition of Teintée Africaine is codenamed based on the behind-the-scenes discussions when we made the playlists. Below you can dig into each of the Teintée Africaine editions we’ve put out so far.

Teintée Africaine Editions


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“Jecha” was a breeze to put together. It also provided us with a lot of ideas that we took into the next edition.


“Ankara” picks up from where “Kanga” left off. We’ve spotlight the genres spreading accross the continent as well as emerging forces.


“Kanga” was a quick update of “Kitenge” to usher in the year-end festivities.


In “Kitenge”, after much clamor for the move, we brought our playlist to Audiomack. We also thought it would be wise to make the playlist dynamic, like most streaming services do. Lastly, we also added recommendations for the excellent albums that brought up most of our picks.


For our third outing, ‘Kente’, we brought in help in picking the songs that should make our playlist and, to make for an easy listening experience, we broke down the playlist into three “moods”.


Our second ‘Teintée Africaine’ edition (we codenamed it ‘Kente’) took us more time and taught us how far and wide we had to cast the net.

The Seed

The starting point to this wonderful voyage through African pop music. We called the playlist series Teintée Africaine.

The Popular Teintée Africaine Playlists