Teintée Africaine: Kente

Teintée Africaine: Kente

Armed with much feedback from the first edition, we had set out to include more English songs as well as more artists from the continent. That was the easy part — sort of. In the course of putting this second edition together, we kept discovering new songs and artists. (That has turned out to be a recurring thing by the way.) As such, we had to keep pushing back this second edition of “Teintée Africaine“. Throughout the process, we realized that a playlist with our stated goals would have to contain more than two dozen songs. And since then, we’ve also tried to be conscious of not overwhelming you. Hopefully, we’re on the right track.

The Stats

  • One Playlist
  • 61 Songs
  • 79 Artists and Groups
  • 36 Countries Represented

The Playlist

Teintée Africaine L/O/O/O-TA-17 (Kente)
Teintée Africaine L/O/O/O-TA-17
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