Teintée Africaine: Ankara

Teintée Africaine: Ankara

As expected the usual suspects (artists representing Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania) are here and the dominant genres (afrobeat, amapiano) can be found in abundance. We’ve also made it a point to highlight music or movement from countries that usually don’t get much shine on the continental stage. So, after Uganda and then Zimbabwe in previous updates, it’s time for Angola’s bright and promising stars to take a bow. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The Stats

  • Three playlists
  • 180 songs
  • more stats coming soon

The Playlists

Recommended Projects

We highly recommend these excellent opi from our artists. We enjoyed, we picked some favorites for the above playlists, and we believe you will enjoy them too. Over time, we’ll provide some opinions on each of them.

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