Teintée Africaine: Kanga

Teintée Africaine: Kanga

The idea behind ‘Teintée Africaine’ came about when I noticed a growing trend: European acts of African descent were increasingly tapping into the current popular African sounds and genres to innovate. The idea, then, was to pair those works with those made at the source. While the latter enjoyed less plaudits outside its locale, I felt that it deserved just as much of the spotlight.

Things are much different today. African pop music has gained more acceptance and recognition outside of the continent’s shores. Reasons for such a shift are numerous (and a much needed deep dive is in the works). Nowadays, African pop bonafides are no longer questioned.

Accordingly, the playlist underwent some slight changes in subsequent iterations: more songs, more homegrown and home-based artists… The current playlist shape and format evolves from the last time we visited this concept.

The Stats

  • Three playlists
  • 180 songs
  • more stats coming soon

The Playlists

Recommended Projects

We highly recommend these excellent opi from our artists. We enjoyed, we picked some favorites for the above playlists, and we believe you will enjoy them too. Over time, we’ll provide some opinions on each of them.

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