Teintée Africaine L/O/O/O-TA-16 (The Seed)

Teintée Africaine L/O/O/O-TA-16

In English the playlist title literally means, ‘tinted with African.’ Teintée Africaine highlights songs that take a similar approach as tie-dyeing, a traditional practice in Africa that turns bland fabrics into colorful masterpieces. The artists here take known western pop styles and blend them with elements of traditional music genres. This musical fusion has yielded a lot of success for African pop artists. The formula has increasingly been taken up by Western World artists of African descent – those from France in particular – who have consequently gained more appeal.

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01. MHD ::: Maman j’ai mal
02. The Shin Sekaï ::: Alter ego
03. Abou Debeing ::: Sorry (feat. Aya Nakamura)
04. Keblack ::: J’ai déconné
05. Alikiba ::: Aje
06. DJ Hamida ::: L’argent n’aime pas les gens (feat. Lefa & Barack Adama)
07. Davido ::: The Money (feat. Olamide)
08. Fababy ::: Physio (Température) (feat. Keblack & Naza)
09. Black M :: À l’Ouest (feat. MHD)
10. Niska ::: Mustapha Jefferson
11. Kiff No Beat ::: Approchez regardez (feat. DJ Arafat)
12. Mafikizolo ::: Colours of Africa (feat. Diamond Platnumz & DJ Maphorisa)
13. DJ Deedir ::: No Limit (feat. Awa Imani & Amy)
14. Maître Gims ::: Sapés comme jamais (feat. Niska)
15. Koffi Olomide ::: Selfie
16. Iyanya ::: Type of Woman
17. Gradur ::: Illégal (feat. Black M)
18. Booba ::: Validée (feat. Benash)
19. The Shin Sekaï ::: Aime moi demain (feat. Gradur)
20. Phyno ::: Fada Fada (Ghetto Gospel) (feat. Olamide)
21. Bebi Philip ::: Move Dadass
22. Tour 2 Garde ::: Jatao
23. Lefa ::: Dernier arrêt (feat. Dadju & Abou Debeing)
24. Kedjevara ::: Remue la bouteille
25. Sauti Sol ::: Unconditionally Bae (feat. Alikiba)

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