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I don’t know about you, but over here we get bombarded with a lot of music on a regular basis. In our quest to find the best way to share our discoveries, we came up with ‘Roll & Coasters’: one of our earliest ideas, R&Cs were video playlists relying on the latest music videos posted on YouTube.

With the rising popularity of other digital streaming platforms, we started replicating our YouTube playlists to the other major streaming outlets. And that’s how all our playlists are presented nowadays.

What hasn’t changed over time is how we come up with the R&Cs playlists: pool together music videos released within a week, and make a cohesive arrangement of 20-some songs. You tell us what you think.

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Roll and Coasters: Uhlalu'kwenza

R&Cs: Uhlalu’kwenza

Here, in “Uhlalu’kwenza”, is a tale of triumph over adversity. In the last quarter of 2017, South African singer Busisiswe Thwala — her nom de plume is Cici — released a self-titled album, wherein she channeled her emotions, her traumas from an abusive relationship and her resolve into heart-wrenching and heart-warming songs. An accomplished actress,...


Ça fait un bon moment que j’espérais pondre une playlist menée par Dip Doundou Guiss, un rappeur sénégalais que j’ai découvert l’année dernière et que j’apprécie énormement. Et voilà que mon souhait est maintenant chose faite avec “LYXRD” (ou encore “Li Yalla Xam Rek Doyna” qui veut dire “Seul Allah sait”), une grosse claque lyricale...Continue reading

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