Teintée Africaine: Malkia

Teintée Africaine: Malkia

Given the previous drawn out experience with narrowing down the selection for Teintée Africaine, this time around we made sure to get more hands ears on the job. As the number of songs kept growing, we had to find a way to present the playlist that wouldn’t overwhelm the listener. In the course of arranging the songs, we figured a way. While our picks might be heard at joyous occasions, some songs are more suited for one type of party (club for instance) than the other (a BBQ). With that in mind, we grouped the songs into three “moods”: soirée, night, and dawn.

The Stats

  • Three playlists
  • 166 songs
  • more stats coming soon

The Playlists

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I wrote as kid. (I'd die if you'd ever get your hands on those poems.) And I wrote as a teen. (We thought our raps would spearhead revolution.) I write these days to share my joys and perspectives. I am as subjective as they come. I found a bunch of blessed souls that are just as expressive. And Africa is all the better for it. (I think I never really changed.)
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