Teintée Africaine 3 : Dawn

With “Teintée Africaine 3“, we leaned on our choices to convey certain moods, vibes and ambiances. As such, ‘Soirée‘ brings to mind wafts of hickory smoke at a late BBQ or sounds like the perfect sonic backdrop to sparkling convos over cocktails at an airy lounge. ‘Nights‘ oozes body-shaking energies and leads you to the dancefloor. As for the last part of this trilogy, it’s called Dawn. We’ll let you figure out, where we’re going with this. Enjoy!

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The Curators

Elom the Prince 🇬🇭
Faisal Adamu 🇳🇬
Hewa Yasin 🇧🇮 🇳🇬
Hopiho 🇨🇲
Kelo 🇳🇬
Minou Chrys-Tayl 🇨🇲
Pierre Touré 🇸🇳
It’s Just Sen 🇬🇭
Wraith Yoshi 🇨🇮 🇫🇷

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I wrote as kid. (I'd die if you'd ever get your hands on those poems.) And I wrote as a teen. (We thought our raps would spearhead revolution.) I write these days to share my joys and perspectives. I am as subjective as they come. I found a bunch of blessed souls that are just as expressive. And Africa is all the better for it. (I think I never really changed.)
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