Pure Lounge 16

Pure Lounge 16

Picture yourselves by a tranquil lake, a faint breeze, and soft rays of a setting sun caressing your beaming face… Imagine that sensation of peacefulness and lightness… All is easy like a Sunday morning (word to Lionel Richie!). That’s the setting I was in early last summer when I concocted this ‘Pure Lounge 16’ playlist. And today, with a grueling work week finally over, it felt like a good occasion to summon that breeziness. Let’s take flight, shall we?

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01. Anoraak ::: Favor
02. Juna & Roman Kouder ::: Dangerous (DGTO Remix)
03. Justin Faust ::: Holdin’ On (Nightriders 909 Remix)
04. Ryan Prewett ::: Serious (feat. Samuel Smiley)
05. Kygo ::: Firestone (feat. Conrad Sewell)
06. Jean Tonique ::: My Love / Your Soul
07. Satin Jackets & Panama ::: Back to Me
08. Skogsrå ::: Hey Lady (Oliver Nelson Remix)
09. Sonny Alven & Jarand ::: Shallow Waters
10. Sonny Alven x Jarand & Years ::: Shallow Waters (Years Remix)
11. Mayer Hawthorne ::: Henny & Gingerale (ADN 12′ Edit)1
12. John Skyfield ::: Sunny Day (Original Mix)2
13. Ruck P ::: Destination
14. Gorgon City ::: Unmissable (feat. Zak Abel)
15. Awir Leon ::: The 4th Beacon (Jumo Remix)
16. Klangstof ::: Hostage (Catching Flies Remix)
17. Février ::: Château rouge
18. Giorgio Tuma & Laetitia Sadier ::: Through Your Hands Love Can Shine (Turbotito Remix)
19. St Francis Hotel & Portugal. The Man ::: Milkshare (Remix)
20. Haring ::: Late Night Dream
21. Cabu & DRKTMS ::: Gold (feat. Akacia) [DRKTMS Remix]
22. Sirocco ::: L’amour en voilier (Civilian Remix)
23. Vallis Alps ::: Young (Zimmer Remix)3
24. Saje ::: Our Story (Kartell Remix)
25. Parra for Cuva ::: Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab)
26. Foals ::: Late Night (Solomun Remix)
27. Great Good Fine Ok ::: Real
28. Moojo, Demayä & Coco ::: Wicked Game

Additional notes...

1 The ADN 12′ edit of Mayer Hawthorne’s “Henny and Gingerale” is not available on the major streaming platforms outside of YouTube.
2 John Skyfield’s “Sunny Day (Original Mix)” is not available on the major streaming platforms outside of YouTube.
3 Zimmer’s remix of Vallis Alps’ “Young” is not available on the major streaming platforms outside of YouTube.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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