Pure Lounge 15

Pure Lounge 15

To celebrate another year passing by and letting go (if only for a few hours) of the difficulties that have characterized 2021, I wanted to push this new edition of Pure Lounge to near overload. That’s why I’m releasing three in quick succession. Just as the last two drops (PL13 and PL14), “Pure Lounge 15” was inspired by the serenity that permeated a beach in Bali at sunset – pictures were taken and those captures also helped us make the covers. Now, let the music play!

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. MS MR ::: Think of You (RAC Mix)1
02. Lovebirds ::: This Time (feat. Novika) [Original Mix]
03. Oliver Nelson ::: Found Your Love (feat. Heir) [Date Night Remix]
04. The Magician ::: Sunlight (feat. Years & Years) [Darius Remix]
05. Folamour ::: Ivoire (feat. Kio Amachree)
06. Disclosure ::: Funky Sensation (feat. Gwen McCrae) [Extended Mix]
07. Crush Club ::: Trust (Supermini Remix)
08. Thief ::: Crazy
09. Folamour ::: Devoted To U
10. AYA ::: Sean (Eric’s 2WFU Dub)
11. Kool & The Gang ::: Summer Madness (Extended Mix)2
12. Lonely in the Rain & Panama ::: Feel This Way
13. Nina Simone ::: Sinnerman (Sofi Tukker Remix)
14. Godford ::: The Beast
15. Two Feet ::: Ella
16. Godford ::: California, Pt. I
17. Panama & Jerro ::: Together
18. Mazoulew & Handbook ::: Kin
19. Snips ::: Say It (feat. Pauline Taylor) [Extended Mix]
20. Sophie Lloyd ::: Calling Out (feat. Dames Brown) [12″ Mix]
21. Darkroom Data ::: Fall With You
22. Jungle ::: Heavy, California
23. twocolors ::: Passion
24. Chris Malinchak ::: When the World Stops Turning
25. Nora En Pure ::: You Make Me Float

Additional notes...

1 The RAC mix of MS MR’s “Think of You” is not available on the Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal platforms. As such we replaced it with the original track.
2 The extended mix of Kool & The Gang’s “Summer Madness” is not available on the Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal platforms. As such we replaced it with the original track.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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