Pure Lounge 13

Pure Lounge 13

To celebrate another year passing by and letting go (if only for a few hours) of the difficulties that have characterized 2021, I wanted to push this new edition of Pure Lounge to near overload. That’s why I’m releasing three in quick succession. “Pure Lounge 13” and its two successors were inspired by the serenity of a Bali beach on sunset (as pictured on the cover). Now, let the music play!

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Lyon Hart ::: The Sign (Keljet Remix)
02. Allure ::: Glow
03. Claptone ::: Stronger (feat. Ben Duffy)
04. Kraak & Smaak ::: So Clear (feat. Meeka Kates)
05. Ben Macklin ::: Think of Me (feat. Emma Brammer) [Le Flex Remix]
06. Ali Love ::: Ride On (feat. Kenny Glasgow)
07. Kiesza ::: So Deep
08. Ruck P ::: Rise Up
09. Glass Animals ::: Pools (Roosevelt Remix)
10. Le Flex ::: Feels Like Ooh (Ben Macklin Remix)
11. Le Flex ::: This Is Love
12. Slipenberg ::: Irresistible (feat. Zara Arshakian)
13. MYKOOL ::: Let Me Go Home (Original Mix)1
14. Nora En Pure ::: Turn It Around
15. Le Sexe Faible ::: Love Story2
16. Chili Hifly ::: Is It Love? (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix)
17. Solu Music ::: Fade (Eric Kupper Mix)3
18. Mousse T. & Peven Everett ::: Pleasure
19. Adam Stacks ::: Felicity (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
20. Mari Ferrari ::: Not Yours
21. Monkey Safari ::: Love Will Set U Free

Additional notes...

1 MYKOOL’s “Let Me Go Home” is not available on the Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify platforms and won’t appear on our playlists there.
2 Le Sexe Faible’s “Love Story” is not available on the Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify platforms and won’t appear on our playlists there.
3 Eric Kupper’s Mix of Solu Music’s “Fade” is not available on the Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal platforms. As such we replaced it with a Triple Dee remix instead.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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