Summer vibe 1

I thought the title of the playlist and — just for good measure — its first track would explain everything I wanted to convey with it. But I was “persuaded” to provide a descriptive intro to “Summer vibe 1”. So, this one is for the chill days in the summer, when you are not doing much beyond enjoying a long, warm and sunny day, alone or with company. Don’t ask me if there’s a follow-up. Let this one breathe.

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Roy Ayers Ubiquity ::: Everybody Loves the Sunshine
02. Seal ::: Fly Like an Eagle
03. Dâm-Funk ::: Free
04. Morcheeba ::: The Sea
05. Kool & The Gang ::: Summer Madness1
06. Amaraldo ::: Keep On
07. Mar Vei ::: Keep on It
08. Morcheeba ::: Sounds of Blue
09. Amaraldo ::: Pieces
10. Morcheeba ::: It’s Summertime
11. Joeboy ::: Call
12. Kelis ::: Acapella
13. Londonbeat ::: I’ve Been Thinking About You (Klaas Extended Remix)
14. Hot Chip ::: How Do You Do (Todd Terje Remix)
15. MonteRosso ::: Aimants2

Additional notes...

1 In my original version, I had the unreleased “Summer Time” by Weekend Players. I replaced it to ensure consistency across streaming platforms.

2 My earlier pick, “Criminoise” wasn’t on the major DSPs, so I put “Aimants” in its stead. It’s still 🔥🔥🔥 if you ask me!

Enjoy and come back soon...

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