Chill Fi Life, Vol. 1

Chill Fi Life, Vol. 1

I have to take you back a few months to set the mood for this one. I was about to hop on a plane; it was the most opportune time for me to finally go through a Chillhop Music compilation and see what it was all about. It was one of the most relaxing journey I’ve ever had! I’ve been hooked and poring over the label’s catalog ever since. So here — with the first set in the “Chill Fi Life” series — is my first tip of the hat to Chillhop, their artists, as well as all the lo-fi music creators and suppliers. I thank them for providing me with a soothing soundscape for all the times I take flight…

…And I invite you to kick back, put this on, and let all tensions flow away. When that’s done, let me know how soon I should hook you up with another one of these 😉.

The Tracklist

01. Philanthrope ::: Rebirth
02. Ian Ewing ::: Leaving
03. Ian Ewing ::: LuvnYou
04. Ian Ewing & Philanthrope ::: Smart Gurl in a Skort
05. Ian Ewing ::: 17
06. Eli Way ::: Daydream
07. floridomi ::: Lakeside
08. Plusma ::: Albatros
09. Sleepy Fish ::: For When It’s Warmer
10. Kupla ::: Coastal Town
11. The Kount ::: Yo
12. Handbook ::: Silk
13. Falcxne ::: Reminisce
14. Monma & Misha ::: Moon
15. Leavv ::: Candle
16. Yasper & Louk ::: Hummus and Bread
17. Idealism ::: Controlla
18. Kudasaibeats ::: Dream of Her
19. Taiko ::: Flower1
20. Tomppabeats :::: The Girl Next Door
21. Mndsgn & Sofie ::: Abeja
22. The Deli ::: Flowers
23. Flamingosis ::: Sunset Park
24. Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes ::: Nightrider (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
25. Madlib ::: Stepping Into Tomorrow
26. Flamingosis ::: Brunch at the Bodega

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Additional Notes…

1 To ensure uniformity of the “Chill Fi Life” playlist accross all the streaming platforms, I replaced Taiko’s “Leaves” with another of his gems: “Flower”. You can still listen to “Leaves” on Taiko’s SoundCloud. It’s worth the detour!

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