Joyner Lucas (ADHD)

I have struggled with bouts of anxiety pretty much most of my life and… yeah yeah, I know that every human alive has dealt with some form of anxiety… Mine comes with a complement of insomnia. And when I do finally calm down to sleep, the slightest noise wakes me right back up. That being said, my overthinking tendencies, constant agitation and aforementioned anxieties make me relate to this song. (By the way, I know I do not have ADHD. To be precise, I haven’t been diagnosed with the condition. But, that’s neither here nor there.)

Remember my first post about Joyner Lucas and the forthcoming ADHD album? The title track is out now and 😭 it is BEAUTIFUL. Joyner switched things up on this one. Can this man really make me love him any more? The answer is yes!

It kinda feels like, I’m dyin’ on the inside
It kinda feels like, I been tryna get by

Surely, EVERYBODY must have felt like that 👆🏽 at some point in their life…

I feel like I’m dying inside
Why do I think crazy?
Someone save me (Save me)
You can’t blame me (Blame me)
It’s my ADHD, yeah

For people living with ADHD, most likely you relate to this. You think up soooo many scenarios that will never come to pass. Yet, you’re so sure that they will occur. So much so that you start freaking out for no apparent reason. Those voices in your head can be disorientating but it always feels good to know that you are not alone. And that’s how I felt listening to this song.

Earlier, I said that music heals and I meant it… I appreciate artistes who talk deeply about normal day to day issues. Joyner is definitely an artiste that will forever thrill.

Hope I haven’t gotten too personal or blabbed too much? Till next time!

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