One word. JHENÉ AIKO. Technically that’s two and not really considered words but OMFG that “Trigger Protection Mantra”…have you listened yet?!?!

So this was me, yeah? I came across the tweet on the bus ride home as usual cos that’s the only time I really get to pay attention to music and I saw the tweet talking about it. I initially thought she had released a video to the other song (called “Triggered“) which I of course was indifferent about…like, “Get over Big Sean already! 🙄” Anyway, this thing came on and suddenly I was in another dimension, I was in a trance. For every time she said “Calm down” I legit forgot there were other people on the bus. (This is kinda hard to achieve in Lagos!) I shut my eyes and locked in as this wave of “everything will be alright” was flowing through me; I could feel it.

Music heals. If you ever doubted it, then listen to this song. Do you know that Jhené actually took her time to learn how to play alchemy crystal singing bowls to soothe the anxious mind?

So, my fellow anxious individuals who know what it is like to stay up due to overthinking things that are beyond your control; if you ever feel like you are sinking or about to collapse because life is getting the best of you. Follow these steps:

  1. Find good headphones
  2. Get in a relaxed position
  3. Play Jhené Aiko’s “Trigger Protection Mantra”
  4. Keep your eyes closed till the end of the song

You are very welcome!

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