Ugly, Sick, Broke and Stupid

First off, I’m going to start with saying that I hate when I tell people about an artiste that I’m stoked about and nobody pays attention. Do you guys remember when Joyner Lucas released “I’m Not Racist”? The controversial YouTube video that went viral? No? Of course not, because y’all never listen to me! So, you can understand why I feel piqued that it is only now, after his release of “Devil’s Work”, that people have decided to pay attention and go listen to his songs. Suddenly, I hear things like, “Man, you guys should check out this nigga!” 🙄😒… I’m not mad though; maybe henceforth you guys will start listening to music and artistes I tell you to pay attention to.

Allow me to introduce myself and my segment to you, this is TheSowF and here is where you get the undiluted truth about music that I find appealing and hopefully (🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽) you guys will find it appealing too.

One of the things I love most about him is how he says the things that everyday people can relate to. He has addressed depression, suicide, being broke, making it, not giving up… Yeah yeah, I know you’re wondering why I’m fixated; leave that aside and take a look at the speech that he sampled on “Broke and Stupid” off of forthcoming album, ADHD.

First, we’re affected by what we know
When I talk to the kids in high school classes, college classes
That’s the first thing I tell ’em
Get the information while you’re here
Nothing worse than being stupid when you get out of school
So get the information, being broke is bad
But being stupid is what’s really bad
And what’s really, really bad is being broke and stupid

You know those songs you don’t pay attention to until your playlist is on shuffle and it comes on? This was one of those for me and this intro here cracked me up. It comes from American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn who goes on to say in the interlude:

And what’s really, really bad is being broke and stupid
Nothing much worse than that, unless you’re sick
Like sick, broke and stupid
That’s about as far as you can fall, unless you’re ugly, right?
But surely that would be the ultimate, right?
The ultimate negative life: ugly, sick, broke and stupid

😂😂😂 I absolutely loved it! Imagine being ugly, sick, broke and stupid…the ultimate negative life. Like you have to deal with the way people look at you every day! Then you check your pockets and you can’t even smile to the bank because they’re empty. And you’re too sick to work. To top it all off, you’re even too stupid to make anything work!!! I really don’t want to believe anybody can be all four of these things.

Joyner promised to release songs off of ADHD one by one in the first half of the year and he has been quite impressive with “Devil’s Work”, “Isis” and “Stupid and Broke”… These are my three favourites. I foresee a bright future for Joyner Lucas and as he said:

I’m so famous, I could finally hit Jay-Z direct
I might hit up Drake, and tell him to send me the jet
I might drink Cîroc with Puff, if he send me a check

I could go on and on about him and his art, but I must end here so till next time…

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