Roll and Coasters: Bountiful

R&Cs: Bountiful

It was only a matter of time before we had Tobe Nwigwe at the head of one of these ‘Roll and Coasters‘ playlists. His latest release, “Bountiful”, provided the opportunity. (And I believe there will be more of those.) How we go from the Houston wordsmith to a South London rap collective and end up in Ontario via Eastern and Southern Africa… That’s a journey for your eardrums to vibrate to.

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. Tobe Nwigwe ::: Bountiful
02. EARTHGANG ::: So Many Feelings
03. Kodak Black ::: Transgression
04. Lil Baby ::: Global
05. D-Block Europe ::: Kitchen Kings
06. Dinos ::: Sinequanone
07. Amenazzy ::: Baby Mala
08. BlocBoy JB ::: Clap Out
09. Boston George & Slim Thug ::: How We Move
10. Don EE ::: Bruddah
11. Bebe Cool ::: Eazy
12. Yvan Buravan ::: Bimwe Byawe (feat. Active)
13. Lava Lava ::: Tukaze Roho
14. Best Naso ::: Anawaza
15. Maraza ::: Thando Lwakho (feat. August Child)
16. Jupiter Davibe ::: Je n’y arrive pas
17. Ferre Gola ::: Pourquoi tu m’as fait ça ?
18. Youssoupha ::: Niama Na Yo
19. Bigflo & Oli ::: Rentrez chez vous
20. Elaquent ::: Moment of Weakness (feat. Seb Zillner)

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