Roll and Coasters: Poke It Out

‘R&Cs: Poke It Out’ is part of a trove of playlists we just recovered. While it may be…ancient, we still believe it holds value in helping with music discovery.

If you qualify as an old head as I do, from the first notes of Wale’s single “Poke It Out”, you’d be quick to remember the Q-Tip bouncy hit “Vivrant Thing“. Wale’s latest album, the excellent Folarin II, is full of such déjà vu moments.

This playlist doesn’t linger into hip-hop though. The Wale and J. Cole team-up quickly makes way for dancehall and competent offers from the likes of Chronic Law, Shatta Wale, and Teejay. Then we make a few little detours into R&B highlighted by the promising Magixx, sunny pop music, and North African rap, before lingering in flirtations with African gospel.

Let’s hit the road then!

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01. Wale ::: Poke It Out (feat. J. Cole)
02. INTENCE & Zimi ::: Bermuda Triangle
03. Shatta Wale ::: Thugs (feat. Ara-B & Captan)
04. Beniton ::: Jackpot
05. Teejay & TroyBoss ::: Bitcoin
06. Jay Rox ::: Commotion (feat. Slapdee)
07. Chronic Law ::: Still a Bleed
08. Magixx ::: Love Don’t Cost a Dime
09. Kali Claire ::: Temporary Feels (feat. Jvck James)
10. Nia Sultana ::: Ambience
11. R-Marni ::: Back & Forth
12. PARADISE RISING & Steven Peregrina ::: All Night
13. PARADISE RISING & Manilla Killa ::: Reminisce (feat. Yuna)
14. Nanky ::: No Devil
15. Krilino ::: Besoin d’air (feat. Mister You)
16. Flenn ::: Marsilia
17. Linah ::: Kama Yeye
18. Guvnor Ace & Jose Chameleone ::: Bakuwe
19. Elisha Long ::: Chance
20. Kidum Kibido ::: Pokea Sifa (Uhimidiwe)

Enjoy and come back soon...

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