Coldplay: How Must It Feel

Coldplay: How Must It Feel

This British rock band led by Chris Martin and comprised of Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman no longer needs any introduction. Coldplay grew into a global pop phenomenon in just about over a decade. Their phenomenal rise is a testimony not only to the quality of their sound, but also their soothing words. These are just the known ingredients Coldplay uses to deliver some of the most memorable songs in this current generation.

The Playlist

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The Tracklist

01. Paradise
02. The Scientist
03. Fix You
04. Viva La Vida
05. Clocks
06. Magic
07. Talk
08. Trouble
09. In My Place
10. Charlie Brown
11. The Hardest Part
12. Speed of Sound
13. Ink
14. Lost!
15. Strawberry Swing
16. Warning Sign
17. Amsterdam
18. Rhythms del Mundo ::: Clocks (with Coldplay)
19. Swallowed in the Sea
20. Michael Stipe ::: In The Sun (with Coldplay)
21. Richard Ashcroft & Coldplay ::: Bittersweet Symphony (Live)
22. X Marks The Spot

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