Barrió Latino: Llamando al Salsero

Barrió Latino: Llamando al Salsero

There’s something about salsa that has always cheered me up and infused some lightness in me. Here, I have compiled some of my favourites classics and I hope that, wherever you are while listening to this playlist, I can get you dancing or (at the very least) be filled with the same effervescence that I was. Who knows? This might just get you to sign for a salsa class near you. 

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico ::: Brujeria
02. Proyecto Uno ::: Latinos
03. Miguel Enriquez ::: Abre Que Voy
04. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico ::: Me Liberé
05. Gilberto Santa Rosa ::: La Agarró Bajando
06. Héctor Lavoe & Willie Colón ::: Juanito Alimaña
07. Willie Colón & Ruben Blades ::: Pedro Navaja
08. Johnny Pacheco & Celia Cruz ::: Quimbara
09. Tito Puente ::: Ran Kan Kan
10. Hansel y Raúl ::: María Teresa
11. Guayacán Orquesta ::: Oíga, Miré, Vea
12. Fruko y Sus Tesos ::: El Preso
13. Bobby Cruz & Ricardo Ray ::: Sonido Bestial
14. Joey Pastrana and His Orchestra ::: Cha Ca Boom
15. Alfredo Linares ::: Tihuanaco
16. Sabotage ::: Muchachita
17. Efrain Gonzales ::: El Tres Cienaguero
18. Ernest “Chico” Alvarez ::: Val’Carretero
19. Ray Barretto ::: Indestructible
20. Luis Sanabría ::: Tumba Palo Cucuye (feat. Wayne Gorbea)
21. Orquesta Alma Latina ::: Desengaños de la Vida
22. Ernest “Chico” Alvarez ::: El Piñero
23. Paky Madarena & Berna Jam ::: Mi Timbaton
24. Tumba Boyz ::: Loca Loquita (Remix)
25. Los Hijos del Sol ::: Cariñito

Enjoy and come back soon...

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