People Say

The Wu is back! And, going by the singles they’ve rolled out so far – “Lesson Learn’d” and “People Say” – I can barely contain my excitement. (The Saga Continues is expected for next week.) On a more grave front, let’s salute the hurricane disaster relief efforts of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Artists for Puerto Rico. Their single “Almost Like Praying” lends support to and raises awareness of the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Fund for Puerto Rico. To close this playlist, I take it back home with the latest pop contributions from Mali, Nigeria, Uganda and the diaspora.

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I wrote as kid. (I'd die if you'd ever get your hands on those poems.) And I wrote as a teen. (We thought our raps would spearhead revolution.) I write these days to share my joys and perspectives. I am as subjective as they come. I found a bunch of blessed souls that are just as expressive. And Africa is all the better for it. (I think I never really changed.)
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