Guys, I know this post is a few days late – ok, ok, a week late—it’s been a hard couple of days; adulting is difficult and the biggest lie the devil ever told—young ones, don’t do it. Find your Tinkerbell and stay Peter Pan forever– anyway, it’s been a hectic couple of days not helped with an online tiff I had with someone who’s now at the top entry of my ‘Men Who are Scum’ list.

Anyone who knows me—to quote what this certain antagonist said to me—knows I abhor online squabbles and mudslinging, so to be dragged into one you must know just how deeply I must’ve felt about the topic and subsequently just how hard I’ve been beating myself up for having allowed myself to be dragged down the pits of juvenile douchebag behaviour, but I guess you have to sometimes get shit on you when trying to get a petulant child out of a cesspit.

People, there’s nothing worse than a person who’s unapologetically obtuse in his deplorable ways. Sure you can argue cancer and a lot of many other ills are worse but abeg abeg abeg — all in context. Suffice it to say that this row, which I’ve decided to not discuss in detail –for the keen eyed detective, it all happened on Facebook – left me well and truly triggered!

Triggered, a term that I picked up on twitter just a few days ago and that has rapidly shot up on my most used and favourite words that’ll make my secondary school English teacher cringe. Triggered! Such an apt and delicious word, second right now to ‘hian’ and ‘devils balls!’ Don’t ask me about the use of the second because devils balls there’s no way I could explain it you.

Anyhow sha, back to music: This playlist I hope should make up for missing last week and this week, it’s what I’ve been listening to all week, helping curb my triggered rage. Hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to share. Shukran!

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