Introductions to articles are always tricky; at least for me anyway. Do I start with a joke? Do I start with a hello or just go on about how I always struggle with the beginning of any article?… Introductions are tricky.

My name’s Faisal. Friends call me Faizzy but to you I’m Mr Faizzy because we aren’t friends. Anyway, welcome to The Faizzy Playlist. This is my first post so please, be kind. At least be kinder than the people who read my other articles, their comments were harsh! So mean! so so mean! In this column, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite things: music.

See, to be fair and in the spirit of full disclosure, I never used to like music. True story! Flashback, circa my formative years and you’ll find a young Master Faizzy who absolutely loathed music. Why? Because — simple really — it always cut into my cartoons-watching time and also I couldn’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to watch Madona belting out to Argentina that they not cry for her when they could be watching the heroics of a Danger Mouse against Olisa Adibua Baron Silas Greenback.

So, yeah, that was me; hating music. It didn’t help that girls seemed to love it and this was an age when I thought all girls were silly. But then like Chance the Rapper, I found out that all them shorties with cooties were cute and what booties could do. Therein laid my awakening.

I’ll have to say, music has helped me through some real tough times. Like that time that I needed to break up with a girl and ask her friend out; or that time that I found out the perfect story to describe me and this girl and her parents. And really, I have to mention again that time when we found out that we are all about the booty. In terms of genres, at first all I consumed was rock and alternative; My Chemical Romance and Coldplay were some of my heavy plays. Then rap came and taught me about the hard knock life and soul.

Like all relationships, music and I have experienced it all. With music, life can… be wonderful. So, till next time enjoy these songs:

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