Guys, what did I set myself up to? It’s Saturday morning and I’m just about to curate this! It has been a whirlwind of a week. Attending film festivals takes its toll but you’re not here to read about how I gnash my teeth all the times I was paying the toll fee on the Lekki highway.

First of all, I have bad news to report. Kanye might have finally lost me. After his declaration about Trump, I think that’s it. I’ve stood by him through all the childish tantrums, crazy outbursts and all but yeah… Not this.

Anyway, back to the playlist. I know the format is looking a lot different than the previous one; I decided to change it up. It’s not because I just started writing this this morning and the editor threatened to poke out my eyes and sit on them so that I can see his black… Ha, I digress.

Harmattan is just around the corner. Spying on you and waiting to catch you unaware. That’s why I titled today’s playlist “Harmattan Feels”. This playlist gets you all ready to dance the cold away. It’s heavy on deep house music because that shit is lit! Enough talk, enjoy…

[tabby title=”The Playlist”]

[tabby title=”The Tracklist”]
01. The Him ::: Feels Like Home (feat. Son Mieux)
02. Autograf ::: Metaphysical (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)
03. Addal ::: Forever (Extended Mix feat. Cozy)
04. Sol ::: Growing Pains
05. Lauren Declasse ::: Dead Presidents
06. Freddie Gibbs ::: Careless
07. Nocturnal ::: Fluffy Vibes Mix
08. Mura Masa ::: When U Need Me
09. Mura Masa ::: Love for That (feat. Shura)
10. CS & Miskeyz ::: Welcome to Paradise (James Carter & Levi Remix feat. Emma Carn)
11. Möwe & Daniel Nitt ::: Lovers Friends
12. Musmah ::: Designer (feat. Mr Eazi)
13. Bibi Bourelly ::: Riot (Vince Moogin Remix)
14. Bez ::: Stop Pretending


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