Harmattan Feels

Guys, what did I set myself up to? It’s Saturday morning and I’m just about to curate this! It has been a whirlwind of a week. Attending film festivals takes its toll but you’re not here to read about how I gnash my teeth all the times I was paying the toll fee on the Lekki highway.

First of all, I have bad news to report. Kanye might have finally lost me. After his declaration about Trump, I think that’s it. I’ve stood by him through all the childish tantrums, crazy outbursts and all but yeah… Not this.

Anyway, back to the playlist. I know the format is looking a lot different than the previous one; I decided to change it up. It’s not because I just started writing this this morning and the editor threatened to poke out my eyes and sit on them so that I can see his black… Ha, I digress.

Harmattan is just around the corner. Spying on you and waiting to catch you unaware. That’s why I titled today’s playlist “Harmattan Feels”. This playlist gets you all ready to dance the cold away. It’s heavy on deep house music because that shit is lit! Enough talk, enjoy…

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. The Him ::: Feels Like Home (feat. Son Mieux)
02. Autograf ::: Metaphysical (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)
03. Addal ::: Forever (Extended Mix feat. Cozy)
04. Sol ::: Growing Pains
05. Lauren Declasse ::: Dead Presidents
06. Freddie Gibbs ::: Careless
07. Nocturnal ::: Fluffy Vibes Mix
08. Mura Masa ::: When U Need Me
09. Mura Masa ::: Love for That (feat. Shura)
10. CS & Miskeyz ::: Welcome to Paradise (James Carter & Levi Remix feat. Emma Carn)
11. Möwe & Daniel Nitt ::: Lovers Friends
12. Musmah ::: Designer (feat. Mr Eazi)
13. Bibi Bourelly ::: Riot (Vince Moogin Remix)
14. Bez ::: Stop Pretending

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