Le magasin des envies, Vol. 12: A Love Story

Le magasin des envies, Vol. 12: A Love Story

I had a lot of fun last time I took this playlist concept to weave a tale. So, I decided to give it another go. It’s still a love story that most of us can relate to. It finds someone at the end of a relationship, trying to pick up the pieces of his/her heart and getting back into the soulmate search. As luck would have it, it ends very well for that person. The twist I added here is telling the story by starting from the denouement. (Yes, the cover was a hint!)

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Pink Sweat$ ::: Lows
02. Asia Graves ::: All I Need
03. H.E.R. ::: Damage
04. Omar Apollo ::: Want U Around (feat. Ruel)
05. RINI ::: Bedtime Story
06. 11:11 ::: Treat
07. Elliott Trent ::: Real Emotions (feat. Eric Bellinger)
08. Ella Mai ::: Not Another Love Song
09. YFN Lucci ::: Wet (She Got That)
10. Savannah Cristina ::: One Night Only
11. Geeeko & Chuki Beats ::: Nuit
12. S.Pri Noir & Lyna Mahyem ::: Code pin 778
13. Lous and the Yakuza ::: Laisse-moi (feat. Hamza)
14. Ye Ali ::: Say Yes (feat. Tre Ward)
15. Bryson Tiller ::: Next to You
16. BJRNCK ::: Waiting on You
17. UMI ::: Love Affair
18. Elliott Trent ::: Don’t Go
19. Janine ::: Best Thing
20. Victoria Monét ::: Go There with You
21. UMI ::: Open Up
22. 6LACK ::: Outside
23. Alicia Keys ::: 3 Hour Drive (feat. Sampha)
24. 11:11 ::: Good Love
25. Jhené Aiko ::: Above and Beyond
26. S.Pri Noir ::: Ensemble
27. HATIK ::: Adieu, mon amour
28. Giveon ::: Still Your Best
29. Munn ::: I Lost Myself
30. Toni Braxton ::: Gotta Move On (feat. H.E.R.)

Enjoy and come back soon...

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