Roll and Coasters: A Sinner's Story

R&Cs: A Sinner’s Story

I don’t really remember how I stumbled upon ShooterGang Kony. his brooding performance on “A Sinner’s Story” made me a fan instantly. (I’ve since gone through his catalogue and I’m confident the kid is bound to make a mark.) The complementary video fully captures the mood of the song, which frankly deserves more plaudits than I’ve noticed. (I’m just doing my part here!) The playlist is the closest I’ve come to replicate the feeling of one of those radio shows where the hosts are unrestrained and allowed to play the new music they really like. (To be honest, that’s what I try to do with this series at every go.) And what I liked here oscillate between different types of hip-hop — from different horizons and in different languages too — to country-tinged R&B. So, you should find something that fits your fancy.

The Playlist

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The Tracklist

01. ShooterGang Kony ::: A Sinner’s Story
02. Stevie Stone ::: No Permission (feat. Spaide R.I.P.P.E.R.)
03. Maxo Kream ::: Drizzy Drace
04. Shotas ::: Compton
05. Hache-P ::: Arès
06. CJ Fly ::: Show You
07. Radamiz ::: Benzo (feat. Riz Allah)
08. Country Boy ::: Tell Em (feat. Young Lunya & Zima Olaitan)
09. DJ Dimplez ::: Talking Too Much (feat. Reason, JR & pH Raw X)
10. Nosipho ::: Thembalami
11. Doktor ::: Flex N Bounce
12. K. Michelle ::: Just Like Jay
13. Lil Tecca ::: Shots
14. Lil Baby ::: Catch the Sun
15. Lil Poppa ::: Be OK
16. Termanology & Dame Grease ::: Travel the World (feat. Bun B & Enisa)
17. Homeboy Sandman ::: Live & Breathe
18. Tim Trusss ::: The Vibe
19. Soso Maness ::: Le sang appelle le sang
20. Amima ::: Validé

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