Roll and Coasters: Sober Thoughts

R&Cs: Sober Thoughts

I was afraid that, after concluding our recaps of the past year’s best and most notable music, we’d find out that we missed out on some. It didn’t take too long for that trepidation to be justified. Young M.A’s Herstory in the Making was an outstanding debut album for a multitude of reasons, such as soul-baring introspective moments like “Sober Thoughts”. (Regrettably, it was overlooked as a commercial success and a solid diplay of penmanship, talk less of another example of the growing diversity in female perspectives that has enriched the musical landscape.) She’s leading the pack for today’s playlist (deservedly so; it’s not as a consolation for the gross oversight) that even includes one of our own contributors 🙂!

The Playlist

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The Tracklist

01. Young M.A ::: Sober Thoughts (feat. Max YB)
02. DDG ::: Cotton Mouth
03. Kap G ::: The Bomb
04. Max YB ::: Let Em Down
05. Stunna 4 Vegas & Blac Youngsta ::: CHANGE MY LIFE
06. Co Cash ::: oLd Me, nEw MoNeY
07. Gifted Gab ::: Don’t Push Me
08. Junior Bvndo ::: Menace
09. R.E.D.K. ::: Beaucoup trop
10. Kevni ::: Freaky
11. Hopiho ::: Indomptable (Remix feat. Mr. Ko’)
12. Ella Eyre ::: New Me
13. NoMBe ::: Paint California
14. Dynamite & The Wixard ::: Soca Worlwide
15. Kells ::: Love Stick
16. Tic ::: Goro (feat. Kelvyn Boy)
17. Selebobo ::: Ova (feat. Tekno)
18. White Man ::: Pray for Me
19. Himra ::: Décalé Shaku
20. Jupiter Davibe ::: Yeto

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