Roll and Coasters: Hittin Licks

R&Cs: Hittin Licks

Since his last album, a couple of years ago, G-Eazy has kept us on a drip of EPs while working on the next album. “Hittin Licks” is off the last of those aforementioned EPs, Scary Nights — you might be familiar with it if you’ve been keeping tabs on the Smoke x Mirrors releases. The joint is as good a starting point as any for an all-out rap playlist. For the occasion, I picked songs from all over: Canada, France, South Africa, the UK and (duh!) the good ol US of A.

The Playlist

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The Tracklist

01. G-Eazy ::: Hittin Licks
02. Russ & BIA ::: BEST ON EARTH
03. Eric Bellinger ::: Ball
04. Jack Harlow ::: WARSAW (feat. 2forwOyNE)
05. Kalin White ::: Kia
06. Qveen Herby ::: Vitamins
07. Snowy ::: Go
08. Breadwinna Gdawg ::: Millionaires (feat. 9lokkNine)
09. Rockie Fresh ::: Round Here
10. Django ::: Carcasse
11. Le A ::: Freestyle bdz
12. Les Fourmis ::: Fok le 6tème (feat. FouKi, Vendou, John Ouain, Don Bruce, Catboot, Jah Maaz, Mantisse & QuietMike)
13. L’as ::: Animal / Dark
14. Infinit’ ::: D’en bas
15. Patty Monroe ::: Fighter (feat. Caleb Williams)
16. A-Reece ::: We Both Know Better
17. Flee Lord & 38 Spesh ::: Both Views (feat. Che Noir)
18. Mafiosa ::: I’m Dumb Nice
19. Nino Man ::: Headed to the Trap (feat. Lil Tjay)
20. AJ ::: Bare Tings

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