Ladies, If You’re About to Take the First Step, Then Here’s a Little Help

My previous post where I was encouraging women to take the lead in courtship elicited strong responses. I was able to observe three types of reactions:

  • Those who agreed with me;
  • Those who disagreed; and,
  • Those who wanted to know how to go about it

So, here I am to dispense a few tips to those of you who have a crush, but don’t know how to approach the men of your dreams. I am not an expert in this field, so please do not sue me if my advice does not produce the expected results. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you shy? Are you in love? Is your lover oblivious of the same? Well, here is a six-step action plan that will allow you to change your status: instead of being a complete stranger to him, you will become acquainted with the future beau.

  1. Smile
    Your outfit is never complete without a show of those pearly whites. A woman’s most beautiful curve is that of her smile. This may seem cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true. A beautiful smile can make you go from and eight to an indisputable ten; so use this asset as often as possible. Don’t even hesitate for a second.
  2. Say Hello
    Nowadays, civility is disappearing (especially in big cities). There’s no need to hike up your skirt to get his attention; a hello will do the trick. I guarantee that such courtesy can make a big difference.
  3. Get Your Sports Knowlege Up
    Why do you think Skip Bayless is a millionaire? Because men love to talk about sports. We listen to analysts before a game, we listen to commentators during the game, we listen to the athletes’ press conference after the game and the next morning we listen to podcasts that summarize everything we heard the day before. We’re not obsessed with sex. But with sports. If, during a conversation, you run out of things to say, talk about sports. It’s our favorite subject.
  4. Talk Less, Listen More
    This is easier said than done because you’re dying to show off all your qualities, but believe me, it’s better to listen. Remember that information is power. By listening to him, you will glean all the nuggets you need to woo him. Furthermore, by letting Romeo do most of the talking, he will reveal his true personality and you will be able to determine if your traits are compatible.
  5. Ask Away, Don’t Jump to Conclusions
    You know what irritates me the most in the world? People who approach me on the street and proceeding to address me in Creole or Lingala, whereas I am Cameroonian. Steer clear of all a priori assumptions. Ask questions instead; that’s the best course to prevent awkward and embarrassing situations.
  6. Be Confident and Be Yourself
    All your initiatives will fail if you don’t possess self-trust. Do not succumb to an inferiority complex. Don’t let acne or a few extra pounds make you dismiss your qualities. Men are less superficial than you think. Trust in yourself. Thrust yoursef. Be yourself. Showcase your personality. Don’t abase yourself. Do not compromise your values and principles in order to please a man.

As you have seen, the suggestions I propose are not revolutionary. I actually feel like I’m rehashing common sense knowlege. Do you have any better suggestions than I do? Write them in the comments section below. Thank you!

Editor’s Note:
The original opinion piece can be found on ‘Un lion parmi les hommes