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Always & Forever: The Keys to Your Best (Married) Life

I remember (almost a couple of years ago now) when I celebrated my first wedding anniversary, people kept asking me what lessons had I learned in that first year. My answer was (and still is) always the same: “I didn’t learn much because before I got married, I knew exactly what I was getting into and for the moment, this adventure is going exactly as I expected”.

Nevertheless, since I am a blogger and my role is to write, I took it upon myself to pen down the advice I’d dispense to my younger brothers who intend to put a ring on it in the near future. Dear gentlemen, before you get married, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The more you give, the more you shall receive.
    If you feel that you are not getting much, it is probably because you are not giving enough. In general, it is the more selfish people who always decry the selfishness of others. Before you start blaming your partner, start by looking in the mirror. If you stopped receiving, it’s probably because you stopped giving.
  2. Women are not materialistic.
    I know your favorite rapper wrote a song where he asks you to be suspicious of gold diggers, tigers, etc… I’m not saying that these women don’t exist, but you have nothing to fear because you’re not rich but they’re a minority. Real women don’t look for the material things. On the other hand, they want emotions, flowers, handwritten notes, poems, orga… chocolate. They want to be taken to Beyoncé concerts and to be assured that they have not gained weight. Oh yes… Don’t forget to tell your partner that she’s pretty because…
  3. …Women love compliments.
    And that is great news for us men because compliments are free. In his book The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene affirms that men are visual creatures and women are auditory ones. Basically, men are attracted to beautiful women, whereas women have a weakness for good talkers. Gentlemen, smooth-talk your wife whenever you have the opportunity. If you don’t, someone else will do it for you and that’s a stupid way to lose her. Women like a good conversationalist, never forget that. Of course, it is important to compliment your wife, but make sure you always give sincere compliments because…
  4. …The truth shall set you free.
    Secrets and lies are always at the root of a couple’s downfall. Be as transparent as possible. Why? Because the truth will always come out. Do you know who’s gonna rat you out? Technology! Your smartphones, tablets and computers can’t keep your secrets. Know that they will always betray you. It’s guaranteed! There is a French proverb — Il faut qu’un menteur ait bonne mémoire — that infers that lying requires that the liar has good memory. So I advise you not to lie because…
  5. …Women have better memory than men.
    On May 15, 2013 at 12:44 p.m., you left the toilet seat up. You may have erased this insignificant moment from your memory, but your spouse still remembers it. Women don’t forget anything, you should know that.

Before I leave you, I would like to share with you the song I wrote for my wife to thank her for agreeing to marry a scoundrel like me. Needless to say, she loved the gift.

See? No need to go break your piggy bank in designer stores to make your partner happy. Be creative and everything will be fine!

Hopiho - Always & Forever (feat. Sabaya)

Editor’s Note:
The original opinion piece can be found on ‘Un lion parmi les hommes


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