Roll and Coasters: Uhlalu'kwenza

R&Cs: Uhlalu’kwenza

Here, in “Uhlalu’kwenza”, is a tale of triumph over adversity. In the last quarter of 2017, South African singer Busisiswe Thwala — her nom de plume is Cici — released a self-titled album, wherein she channeled her emotions, her traumas from an abusive relationship and her resolve into heart-wrenching and heart-warming songs. An accomplished actress, Cici was also able to combine thespian skills with impressive vocal perfomances for powerful videos.

And so we first got the chilling “Iqiniso” (truth in isiZulu), followed by the equally disconcerting “Ndiginge” (need me). The news reports might not resonate. But these videos will certainly drive home the emotional and physical toll Cici had endured. Now, in the video for “Uhlalu’kwenza”, Cici radiates strength, exudes determination and sends a strong message about reckoning. (After all, the chorus basically says, “What you’ve been used to will come to an end”).

Over the past few years, stories from all quarters have shown us just how widespread and pervasive abuse and violence against women are. As more and more accounts are brought up, and as more and more perpetrators are held accountable, conversations are happening and a corrective path is slowly taking shape. Just as important, and that’s what Cici’s “Uhlalu’kwenza” is about, women are reclaiming their power. That makes it easier to add more women (Bea Miller, Kara Marni, Lolo Zouaï, etc.) with just as assertive stances on their latest singles on this playlist.

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. Cici ::: Uhlalu’kwenza
02. Kara Marni ::: Lose My Love
03. Bea Miller & 6LACK ::: it’s not u it’s me
04. Lolo Zouaï ::: Ride
05. WurlD ::: Paranoid
06. Chris Brown ::: Back to Love
07. Derek King ::: Play
08. Phay ::: Morena
09. Tone Tone ::: Give It to Ya (feat. Tory Lanez)
10. Tyla Yaweh ::: She Bad
11. LD ::: Part 1 (So Fly) [feat. Young Adz)
12. Lolo Zouaï ::: Lose Myself
13. Alireza ::: All That
14. Diggy ::: Text Me (feat. Leven Kali)
15. MC² ::: Cab Fare (feat. Dfoy Music & Josh Barrios)
16. OSHUN ::: Parts
17. Dunnie ::: Foolish
18. Austin Millz & Claire Ridgely ::: Broke Boy (Extended Mix)
19. OSHUN ::: Graduate

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