Haylen: Rock’n’Soul and More

It’s always an honor to have inside access to an artist, her growth and the evolution of her project(s). So, it brings me tremendous joy and pride to introduce Haylen and her music. At turns soulful, groovy or funky, the music takes you on an enthralling ride. Her voice is unique and powerful; her lyrics are glamorous and deep. There is so much more to be said, yet it wouldn’t do justice to these bright talent. Haylen’s universe is best discovered than described. Still, as you immerse yourselves into it and enjoy, let me also offer some background 1.

What a sight to behold! Now in her early thirties, she projects the image of who she’s strived to become: an assertive artist embracing her femininity. But behind her alluring smile and retro princess look, there is a fearsome Rock ‘n’ Roll singer with an enchanting voice.

It All Started with Love

Haylen is borne out of the love of a Persian father and a French mother. From her father, an actor and political refugee, who fled Iran during the Revolution in pursuit of freedom of expression, she inherited his intensity and resiliance. From her mother, Haylen takes her generosity, her beauty, her elegance.

At the tender age of seven, Haylen enrolls into the Conservatoire to learn violin; she quickly becomes hooked to 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll (Elvis Presley, Wanda Jackson, Etta James), 1960s-1970s (Aretha Franklin, Betty Davis, Marvin Gaye) as well the Hip Hop and Trip Hop sounds of the 1990s (Portishead, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott).

The Turning Point

She then picked up and honed her guitar skills on the street from adolescence, playing the subway, underground showcases, and jams all over Paris. It is in those testing grounds that she meets Simon Truxillo and Andrew Mazingue, who will bring so much to her life (through their friendship) and music (through their arrangements). It’s a real turning point.

Simon, Haylen et Andrew
Simon, Haylen and Andrew

Together, they went on on a touring spree in London and throughout France: Le Cabaret Sauvage, La Machine du Moulin Rouge (for the “Les femmes s’en mêlent” festival), opening for David Hallyday in front of 25,000 people, sharing the stage with Matthieu Chedid and Keziah Jones at the Cannes Festival. Those are but a few of the highlights.

In 2016, she agrees to contest in The Voice. The four coaches turned around almost instantly; Haylen conquered a new audience and learned to manage the stress of performing in front of 6 million television viewers.

Haylen then took on the leading female role in “Le Rouge et le Noir“, a rock-opera produced by Albert Cohen and co-written by Zazie. Every evening, for four months, Haylen was onstage delivering her lines and songs with aplomb. Already acclaimed and recognized as a talented singer, she also turned out to be a natural born actress.

Out of Line

Desiring to return to the very essence of what has always thrilled her, she decided, with her partners Andrew and Simon, to get to work and release their first EP. And so, Out of Line was released last April.

In Out of Line, you get music, tinged with blues, yet rooted in the present. A mix of Trip-Hop and Soul replete with positive messages. Music without compromise, restraint or limit. Pure thrill and emotion.

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1: Adapted from the bio available on Haylen’s official site.

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