Sun-El Musician - Africa to the World Mix 01

Sun-El Musician’s Africa to the World Mix

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes (at least) a good network of friends to cultivate his/her taste in music. I’ve been lucky enough to hobnob with the likes of JaBig in my high school days and when he took to house — South African in particular — I took notice and became more receptive. I’ve also been exchanging music with several trusted ears, including the homie Sen who introduced me to the wonders of Sun-El Musician — see here and here.

Sun-El Musician released his debut album earlier this year and it’s glorious! The knack for matching sounds with vocals (and!) subject matter is impressive. The good folks at OkayAfrica were a bit more verbose in conveying their enthusiasm for this gem. To compensate, let me offer this mix below (from Sun-El Musician himself) that features a few songs from the album.

I’ll dedicate this to the homie Faisal, who has an unmatched exuberance for this type of music. (Oh yes, give him money!)

The Mix

The Playlist

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The Tracklist

01. Francis and The Lights ::: My Citys Gone (Sun-El Musician Edit)
02. Simmy ::: Ubala (feat. Sun-EL Musician)
03. Goodbye (feat. DJ Charl & Lelo Kamau)
04. No Stopping Us (feat. S-Tone)
05. Sonini (feat. Lelo Kamau & Simmy)
06. The Wave

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