Roll and Coasters: Copines

R&Cs: Copines

Fresh off conquering the Dutch charts, French singer Aya Nakamura has set her eyes on sustained airplay dominance with a new single, “Copines”. It’s in the same vein as her biggest hit to date in castigating no-good men. Aya gets the nod to lead the pack, not only off the strength of the song, but also due to crush privileges 😊.

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. Aya Nakamura ::: Copines
02. Maître Gims ::: Lo Mismo (feat. Alvaro Soler)
03. DJ Arafat ::: Je veux réaliser
04. Claire Bahi ::: Coupé Bikutsi (feat. Mani Bella)
05. KeBlack ::: À ta santé
06. Ko-Jo Cue & Shaker ::: Unity
07. James Pyke ::: Beverage (feat. Snowy Danger & Sonny Reeves)
08. Eva Simons ::: The One
09. Mr P ::: Wokie Wokie (feat. Nyanda)
10. Dayna Nyange ::: Salama
11. ExQ ::: Tsvigiri
12. Big Fizzo ::: Ni Wewe
13. Ypee ::: You the One (feat. Kuami Eugene)
14. L.A.X ::: Gbefun
15. Cuppy ::: Currency (feat. L.A.X)
16. Iry Tina Da Queena ::: Mida Ya Love (feat. Big Fizzo)
17. Jay Melody ::: Namwaga Mboga (feat. Nandy)
18. Don Kamati ::: Kill Another Man
19. Disiz La Peste ::: Hiroshima
20. Tanaka ::: Move On

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