Lloyd Banks: PLK, The Fortune Not the Fame

Lloyd Banks: PLK, The Fortune Not The Fame

I was going to write an intro to this Lloyd Banks playlist that I’ve curated. But frankly, I feel that none of my own words could do justice to this man’s music. Instead, I’ve selected this verse out of “Failure’s No Option”:

Everybody want the light, I’m like fine you can have this
The top don’t mean you’re living right, keep your mind on what matters
These hoes don’t love you, they rehearsin’ all kind of theatrics
Supposed to build each other up but most time it be backwards
Until then we got to wait and pray until they finally catch us
Toe tags, no dads in a county of bastards
Going to need a cape to see our future
You blind and need glasses?
Ten, twenty years rewinding these classics
Let’s toast to living our vision
Love the sound of these glasses
Envious bastards off the axis, mahogany caskets
The blocks banging if you survive these harmony flashes
No free passes, just regrets and R.I.P ad-libs
Dearly departed, keep me guarded and all that we ask is
Put a good word in while we hurting and dodging these crashes
And, my position is go hard or get missing
It’s like dope and I’m running, the other part of me twitching

The Playlist

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The Tracklist - Side A

01. Flight School
02. I’m So Fly
03. Do It For This Block
04. Failures No Option
05. Reminder
06. Paint the Sky (feat. Vado)
07. Cover Me (feat. Styles P)
08. Feed The Strip
09. Story To Tell
10. Survival
11. One Night Stand (feat. Keon Bryce)
12. Get Low
13. South Side Story
14. Take ‘Em To War (feat. Tony Yayo)
15. So Forgetful (feat. Ryan Leslie)
16. When The Chips Are Down (feat. The Game)
17. Victory Freestyle (feat. 50 Cent)

The Tracklist - Side B

01. Beneath Me
02. Warrior Part 2
03. Obie Trice ::: We All Die One Day (feat. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Eminem)
04. Get Clapped (feat. Mobb Deep)
05. Holy Matrimony
06. Young Buck ::: Prices on My Head (feat. Lloyd Banks & D-Tay)
07. If You So Gangsta
08. Ain’t No Click
09. Just Another Day
10. Angel Dust
11. Drop a Diamond (feat. Raekwon)
12. Daily Betrayal
13. Send You to Hell (feat. 50 Cent)

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