Roll and Coasters: No One Like You

R&Cs: No One Like You

Salute to Flavour N’abania who (as I had previously mentioned) connected with and was inspired by one of his fan — Semah G. Weifur. They’ve released a joint EP (Divine) and the single “No One Like You” is the leadoff to this latest edition of Roll and Coasters.

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. Flavour ::: No One Like You (feat. Semah)
02. Ivrah ::: Tulizana
03. Butera Knowless ::: Darling (feat. Ben Pol)
04. Winky D ::: Ngirozi (feat. Vabati VaJehovah)
05. Slim Marion ::: Elle m’a win
06. Magasco, Mink’s, Mimie, Locko & Ténor ::: Donner Donner (Power 2)
07. Ramses & Salvador ::: Ya femme epuis ya femme (feat. Nour)
08. Reminisce ::: Problem
09. Leandro Da Silva ::: Samba De Janeiro
10. John Newman ::: Fire in Me
11. Guizmo ::: J’sais qu’t’as mal !
12. Rémy ::: Un peu ivre
13. La Fouine ::: Pour les vrais
14. Dinos ::: Freestyle “Carte Gold”
15. Sam’s ::: Truthline, Pt. 2
16. Médine ::: Bataclan
17. Oumar ::: Vrais (feat. Sam’s)
18. Stro ::: Steal & Rob
19. David Banner ::: Magnolia (feat. CeeLo Green & Raheem Devaughn)
20. Safone ::: Lodon 2 Brum (feat. Little Torment)

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