2017… So Far…

2017 is slowly reaching its latter stages, musically it has been blessed by a few major tracks that have captured the party spirit fully displayed by a new generation of artists. Continuing the major trends of the last few years, a blend of music with diverse origins from afro beat to reggaeton have now inspired multi cultural influences and gave birth to the catchy tunes present on this playlist. Enjoy!

Wraith Yoshi
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Wraith Yoshi

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You know how subtracting can end up to adding a lot more? With no TV in boarding school and a close friend working at a CD store, you bet Yoshi's already huge appetite for music was bound to grow beyond bounds. From there it's felt like feeding a stomach with no limits. Now Yoshi eats, speaks, drinks and sleeps music... If you catch one of the rare sightings of the Wraith you will notice his speech is made of lyrics, punchlines, bars, hooks and humming. And if you get to understand this unique language then who knows what type of universe you might discover beyond the music! Yoshi is one, Wraith is all... Don't forget the Wraith
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