LYS20 - MPN 2

Beach, Sunsets and Sundowners (LYS20 – MPN 2)

I shall believe that we’ve sufficiently documented my feelings about amapiano. The sub-genre — I prefer to call it a movement though 😉 — has enjoyed a steady dose of new talent and elements since it burgeoned out of Pretoria. I didn’t start out ‘MPN 2‘ to reflect how more sophisticated and diverse amapiano has become; the playlist just turned out that way. As I was fleshing it out, I found out that it paired well with sceneries that included either of beaches, sunsets, sundowners, or all three. That about covers it for now. On to the music then.

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Take a look at the tracklist...

01. Josiah De Disciple ::: Violin blues (feat. Rams De Violinist)
02. Soa mattrix ::: Good Feel
03. Mr JazziQ ::: Rockit (feat. Soul Revolver & Mellow & Sleazy)
04. Major League DJz & Abidoza ::: Careless Whisper (feat. Jay Sax)
05. Josiah De Disciple ::: My Story (feat. Da Ish)
06. Josiah De Disciple & JazziDisciples ::: Ya Ya (feat. Daliwonga)
07. Josiah De Disciple ::: Funguvhu
08. Mellow & Sleazy ::: Sghubu sa ko Harvard (feat. Zan SA)
09. Cyfred ::: Alostro Effect (feat. Mellow & Sleazy)
10. Cyfred ::: Snake Park (feat. Mellow & Sleazy, Mr JazziQ, Seekay & FakeLove)
11. De Mthuda ::: John Wick (feat. Sir Trill & Da Muziqal Chef)
12. DJ Maphorisa & Tyler ICU ::: Banyana (feat. Sir Trill, Daliwonga & Kabza De Small)
13. Lady Du & DBN Gogo ::: Dakiwe (feat. Mr JazziQ, Seekay & Busta 929)
14. Junior De Rocka & Lady Du ::: Catalia (feat. Mr JazziQ & Mellow & Sleazy)
15. DJ Melzi ::: La Melza (feat. Mkeyz & Mphow69)
16. Cassper Nyovest ::: Siyathandana (feat. Abidoza & Boohle)
17. Josiah De Disciple & Kabza De Small ::: Sponono (feat. Fency)
18. TO Starquality & Sekiwe ::: Hulumeni (feat. Mas Musiq & DBN Gogo)

Enjoy and come back soon...

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