Breakbot and Irfane - Bedtime Stories

Are You Tucked In for (Breakbot and Irfane) Bedtime Stories?

Earlier this week I was gushing about Breakbot and his summer mixtape. If you were curious about the title of that throwback disco funk and soul mix, then let me shed a little bit of light. Five years ago or so, Breakbot and Irfane, longtime collaborators, put out a similar mix to provide the “the perfect soundtrack for your barbecues, volley-ball games and poolside parties.“. If we’re to stick with Breakbot’s and Irfane’s other motive for this though, then let me wish you a good start to Cuffing Season 2018.

The Mix

The Tracklist

01. Intro (Dialogue from Coming to America)
02. Raydio ::: More Than One Way to Love a Woman
03. Kinky Foxx ::: So Different
04. Chanson ::: Don’t Hold Back
05. Cerrone ::: Hooked on You
06. Sass ::: Much Too Much
07. Skipworth & Turner ::: Thinking about Your Love
08. Tatsuro Yamashita ::: Sparkle
09. The Strikers ::: Contagious
10. Chocolate Milk ::: Sweat Heat

11. Lio ::: Sage comme une image
12. Future Flight ::: Dues
13. Kleer ::: Open Your Mind
14. Teddy Pendergrass ::: If You Know Like I Know (John Morales M&M Mix)
15. Breakbot ::: A Mile Away (feat. Irfane)
16. Zingara ::: I Surrender
17. Midnight Starr ::: Curious
18. Cherrelle ::: Saturday Love
19. Prince ::: Erotic City
20. Kasso ::: Brazilian Dancer

21. Kerr ::: Back at Ya
22. Phyllis St. James ::: Ain’t No Turning Back
23. Maze ::: Twilight
24. Robin Beck ::: Sweet Talk
25. Leon Haywood ::: Secret Rendezvous
26. Les Loups ::: Club Coeur
27. Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio ::: Still in the Groove
28. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia ::: V.H.F.
29. ?????
30. Tyrone Davis ::: In the Mood

31. Lamont Dozier ::: Trying to Hold On to My Woman
32. The Isley Brothers ::: The Highway of My Life
33. Larry Graham and Graham Central Station ::: Is It Love
34. Ned Doheny ::: Think Like a Lover
35. Andrae Crouch ::: I Can’t Keep It to Myself
36. The Gap Band ::: The Way
37. Ambrosia ::: Holdin’ On to Yesterday
38. Con Funk Shun ::: Straight from the Heart
39. Eddie Kendricks ::: Intimate Friends
40. The O’Jays ::: Loving You
41. McFadden and Whitehead ::: I’ve Been Pushed Aside

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