Breakbot - Another Mixtape

New Month, Breakbot and Another August Mixtape

Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the discovery algorithms. (Or give a nod of appreciation to the gods of fortuity.) By the same token, you have to take your L when you belatedly get hip to a sensational DJ. As much as I appreciate Ed Banger Records and the music they’ve released, I somehow never heard of Breakbot until I was fed this doozy of a mix. Thibaut Berland was trained for a career in 3D animation but he was clearly destined to uplift us with music.

The Mix

The Playlist

The Tracklist

01. Blue Magic ::: Sideshow
02. Lamont Dozier ::: Let Me Make Love to You
03. Platinum Hook ::: I Don’t Wanna Live Without You
04. The S.O.S. Band ::: Tell Me If You Still Care
05. Vicki Sue Robinson ::: Lack of Respect
06. Michael Jackson ::: We’ve Got a Good Thing Going
07. Teddy Pendergrass ::: Come Go with Me
08. Shuggie Otis ::: Inspiration Information
09. ?????
10. Marcia Maria ::: Amigo Branco

11. Crystal Grass ::: Dream On
12. ?????
13. Andy Gibb ::: I Just Want to Be Your Everything
14. Ernest Donable ::: The Fez
15. ?????
16. ?????
17. Breakbot ::: Another You (feat. Ruckazoid)
18. Endgames ::: Ecstasy
19. ?????
20. Natasha King ::: AM-FM (Vocal Version)

21. Kleer ::: Tonight
22. Hitomi Tohyama ::: Wanna Kiss
23. The Sylvers ::: Come Back Lover, Come Back
24. Blondie ::: Rapture
25. Dwayne Omarr ::: This Party’s Jam Packed
26. Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio ::: It’s Time to Party Now
27. Crown Heights Affair ::: Think Positive
28. Lew Kirton ::: Don’t Give Up Your Dream (Hang On In There)
29. Gaz ::: Sing Sing
30. Executive ::: Celebrate your Love

31. Pasteur Lappe ::: Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
32. The Jacksons ::: Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Acapella Version)
33. K.I.D ::: My Love Is on the Way
34. Boogie Re-Edit ::: So Boogie Love (Club Mix)
35. ?????
36. The Gibson Brothers ::: Ooh What a Life
37. Final Edition ::: Betcha Can’t Love Just One (Can’t Keep Running Away)
38. Contagious ::: Music Freak
39. Jo Bisso ::: The Mystery with Me
40. Willie Hutch ::: Easy Does It

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