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Roll and Coasters: Uhlalu'kwenza

R&Cs: Uhlalu’kwenza

Here, in “Uhlalu’kwenza”, is a tale of triumph over adversity. In the last quarter of 2017, South African singer Busisiswe Thwala — her nom de plume is Cici — released a self-titled album, wherein she channeled her emotions, her traumas from an abusive relationship and her resolve into heart-wrenching and heart-warming songs. An accomplished actress,...

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Roll and Coasters: 24K Magic

R&Cs: 24K Magic

There’s strength in numbers. That’s the running theme behind most of the videos in this week’s Roll and Coasters. From one-two punch combinations (Bas with Cozz, Juicy J with Kanye, Pryse with Eva Alordiah) to massive posse cuts (DJ Juls, DJ Khaled, Khuli Chana), it’s all here.

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Roll and Coasters: Bella

R&Cs: Bella

First of all, this new collaboration between Guinean Frenchman MHD and Nigerian Wizkid is a banger! I won’t belabor you with my assumptions about how it came about and how much sense it makes commercially. I rather romanticize the whole thing and wish the success will to more cross-countryculture collaborations. (And we have a few...Continue reading

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