Ici c'est PARIS !!!

Ici c’est PARIS !!!

Paris Saint-Germain ! Le Parc des Princes ! You cannot dissociate that environment with the Phil Collins and Genesis influence. From there, an ongoing history of music inspired by the French club has been unfolding. It established the Parisian club as a hype and lit brand on the music scene. Enjoy these few PSG-inspired songs...

Roll and Coasters: Médicament

R&Cs: Médicament

With a few exceptions, we’re in ‘Teintée Africaine‘ territory here. To lead us off is Niska’s chart-topping single “Médicament” with Booba. It should be noted that the rapper and his guest, who just released a ballad, have opted to sing instead of rapping. It’s a growing preference that purists might decry, but we can’t contest...Continue reading

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