Teintée Africaine

Teintée Africaine

Back with another one! Yet again, we’ve sat on this “Teintée Africaine” update for close to a month 😅. This is around the time when labels and their artists choose to release their summer anthems — yes, despite “summer” being a strange notion for the African continent 🤷🏿‍♂️. So, we had to make sure we had those in here ☑️.

As expected, the big shots (artists representing Ghana, Kenya Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania) are here. The  dominant genres in African Pop (afrobeats, amapiano, bongo flava, coupé-décalé, gengetone, kompa, ndombolo, etc) can be found in whole, blended, or hybrid forms.

For us, we can only but be proud of the constant innovation, cross-country collaborations, boundary-pushing and redefining of afro-fusion/afropop that draws from a rich tapestry of genres and their offshoots. We’ve also made it a point to highlight music or movements from countries that usually don’t get much shine on the continental stage. Thusly, we made a concerted effort to have more representatives  of the lusophone countries throughout.

First, pick your preferred platform to enjoy the playlist

What is Teintée Africaine?

The idea behind ‘Teintée Africaine’ came about when I noticed a growing trend: European acts of African descent were increasingly tapping into the current popular African sounds and genres to innovate. The idea, then, was to pair those works with those made on the continent. While the latter enjoyed less plaudits outside their locales, I felt that they deserved just as much of the spotlight.

Things are much different today. African pop music has gained more acceptance and recognition outside of the continent’s shores. Reasons for such a shift are numerous (and a much needed deep dive is still in the works). Nowadays, African pop bonafides are no longer questioned. Accordingly, the playlist underwent some slight changes in subsequent iterations: more songs, more homegrown and home-based artists… The current playlist shape and format evolves from the last time we visited this concept in 2018.

What should I be expecting?

Last time we did ‘Teintée Africaine’ static playlists, we came up with a pack of three, each of which indicating best time/setting to consume it: late afternoons, at night shindings, and while winding down into dawn. Today, with the steady outpour of good music, we made a couple of tweaks. The Teintée Africaine soirée-nights-dawn pack is now a single playlist. Also, the playlist is now dynamic and updated every couple of months at least.

How did we envision you playing this? We pictured an afternoon get-together that stretched into the night and beyond. But, the song order is merely suggestive. Because, no matter how good the playlist, there’s no dictating how it will be enjoyed. For instance, a lot of people like to shuffle the songs. Also, African Pop can fit into almost any situation, so you will have a swell time either way. 

By the way, there’s an add-on! Each playlist update will come with a list of recommended projects (albums, compilations, EPs, etc.) that are worth more ear time. Granted, you would find several songs from those projects featured on the playlist. Still, we believe you’d find as much delight in the whole projects as we have. 

So, what do you recommend?

The slideshow of covers below are from works that we’ve jammed throughout the year. The artists are either African or of African descent. Needless to say, we enjoin you to listen to them. Click on your album cover of choice for download and streaming options.

What about the tracklist?

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